Boat & Jet Ski Rentals

After a while, the old spot by the lake with your canoe rentals may be starting to wear itself out on you. You and your family are starting to get a little comfortable. It is time to add a sense of adventure to the next family trip. You may want to think about getting quality jet ski or boat rentals at Lake Shores Watercraft and Boat Rentals.

With some breathtaking views along with an amazing location, our efficient waverunners and boats speaks for themselves. Our quality wake surf rentals are well maintained and safe, while letting your family and you have fun on the sparkling waves. There is plenty to do, and all of our pontoon rentals and wake surfing craft are available to you and your family.

To book any of our efficient jet ski rentals or to ask for any more information about our diverse and affordable boat rental service, contact Lake Shores Watercraft and Boat Rentals in Chelan, WA. We are here to help you bring your next vacation to a new level with excellent boat and jet ski rentals!